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You have me for one hour . Ask me anything. 

From watercolour techniques, materials to art business & website buiding, my art suppliers & printing suppliers.



I started my art journey in a foreign land, not understanding the rules and the customs. I went through different consultations, met different specialist, made mistakes and recover.


My journey.


Doing art is one thing, which I love the most. In reality, making art as a living is a differnet pathway, comes with different challenges. It can be tough but with the right knowldge, meeting the right advisor, it would be a smooth process.


When I first started, I wished I knew where to even start. Registration? Freelancing? Business company? Who do I even ask?


I did the journey. I wished someone would told me how and where to make it easier and not waste my time when I could be creating artworks.


I look forward for your session with me.



Art Coaching ( 1 hour )