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My Story.


It all started with wanting to grow, as in I dont want to be just a mum at home.

I was already painting and sketching around the city while attending German langauge. That is how I improve my art skill.

Many artworks but not all have been shared on my social media on Instagram, where many locals have seen them and thatsone way of how I met people in real life in Germany. I did attend events and talks to meet people but social media allow connetcion with people in easy way. Somehow along the journey, I received interest of my artworks, but I was unable to do it because of fear, unwanting to learn the process on how to sell artworks. We all know, creating artworks is one thing but selling artworks is another thing. After countless meetings, learning from the experts, registering my business as a freelancer and a small business ownere and being an artists while staying at home with my 18 months old toddler, I am happy I have choosen this pathway.

I have now open up an one hour consultation talk with you. 

If you are interested to know the process.

Would you like to get update directly from me? I cant catch up with the social media algorithm sometimes


Unfortunately, I am unable to run physcial Workshop this year in 2022. We are expanding our family member.

I will be on Maternity Leave from August, September & Oktober.

Urban Sketching Etchr
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