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Fizah Künstlerin Erlangen Bayern
Schlossgarten Erlangen

Love of Summer

Urban Sketching on Paper, 23x30 cm
Location: Schlossgarten Erlangen

This is one of my best moments since having a baby. My baby took his first walk, on his own, without any support or help. We were painting this together too, while having a picnic. The atmosphere was cheerful, so many people were having picnic and resting at the park. The day was just wonderful and I am so glad I captured this moment on the paper. I would love to remember this day. It was a great day after so much of staying indoor.

Coffee & Walk

Sketchbook Collection 

Location: Mr Bleck Cafe Arcaden

This was painted in a coffee shop beside the Arcaden Mall. It’s a central area in Erlangen with people coming and going all day long. I love enjoying my fresh bagel and a cup of hot Cappuccino while people watch in this café. It is one of my favourite urban sketching spots in Erlangen. The tree in this painting felt special to me. Probably it is beloved by the people of Erlangen as there is a large seating area surrounding the tree. Not sure if it is meant for seating or just decoration around the tree. People wait for one another, children laugh with their friends eating ice cream and teenagers hang out here. It felt like this tree has seen and heard many untold stories of the people who were there. Have you had your moments here too?

Erlangen Arcaden

The Way it should be

Sketchbook Collection 

Location: Rothelheimpark Erlangen

This is another lively place in Erlangen. There are sculptures here, one of a bunny and another one of a head. After the pandemic lockdown was lifted, we would always pass by this place to get to a Japanese restaurant. This was when Daniel was about 6 months old. I remember seeing this place as being popular with people especially when the weather is sunny and beautiful. Teenagers playing football, groups of students having picnics and beers on the grass, mothers meeting up for playdates with their babies and yoga sessions for pregnant women. Somehow seeing mothers with their babies and expectant mothers made me reminisce my own journey to motherhood. I silently wished them all well and hoped that their motherhood journey was/will be a better one than what I experienced

Run from Mama

Urban Sketching on Paper, 15x30 cm
Location: Schlossgarten Erlangen

This place features a lot in my paintings. Needless to say it is my favourite place in Erlangen. This particular viewpoint is overlooking the water fountain. The Schlossgarten draws different crowds throughout the day. In the mornings, mothers bring their children to run and play while in the late afternoons, students relax on the grass having a beer. Daniel loves it here too. He loves to watch other kids running about. I think seeing children running and playing motivated him to start walking. He also tried to make friends with other children here. I like sitting under the shady trees especially when it is sunny to paint. I remember a memory here when I was painting Daniel took one of my precious brushes and ran off with it! I chased him to retrieve it but he dropped it on the grass! It took a while to find it but luckily my brush was eventually found. 

Schlossgarten Erlangen
Stadtbibliothek Erlangen

Love to Read

Urban Sketching on Paper, 15x30 cm
Location: Stadtbibliothek Erlangen

A library is a special place for me as I grew up frequently visiting the local library near my house with my siblings. Our weekends were mostly spent in the library reading all the storybooks we could find. I have come to associate reading books with my childhood memories so the library gives me a sense of calmness and tranquillity. It was also in this library that I spent half of my day studying German on my own after my daily German classes. People of all ages spent time in this library. There were kids who made loud noises, mothers with their babies in strollers, mothers showing their children how to return books with the machine and old people reading newspapers or magazines. I’ve also made friends with other frequent library visitors, connected by our love of going to the library over cups of coffee and good conversations. The architecture of the library is really beautiful. The ceiling has intricate designs and the large windows let in copious amount of sunlight which bathes the library with a warm glow. I found out later on that this was actually the old Rathaus (city council).


Sketch from a Loperolle Sketchbook
Location: Bergkirchweih Erlangen

This is probably the most famous event happening in Erlangen. This event takes place every year except in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. I don’t drink but I enjoy going there with friends for the lively atmosphere. The music and sounds of people can be loud and there are people who have had one too many drinks but they all add to the liveliness of the event. This area is famous for its underground storage bunk in the past. Beers are also stored there. This place is rich in history and tradition. Visitors flock to Erlangen to be a part of this event and experience the history of this area.

Erlangen Bergkirchweih
Berg Erlangen

The Famous

Sketch from a Loperolle Sketchbook
Location: Bergkirchweih Erlangen

 have heard about this place for so long and have been wanting to visit. We finally went there in September 2021. I felt really anxious to go out back then but the trip turned out to be a pleasant one. Daniel loved running up and down the hill. He was curious about the other children and wanted to approach them. I remember this moment vividly because after this trip Daniel became sick and then both my husband and I became sick too. It was our first outing in a long time and then it became our last summer outing because we were sick for about a month. We contracted quite a stubborn virus. Despite all this, we love this moments here. 


Urban Sketching on paper, 15 x 30 cm
Location: Burgberggarten Erlangen

This park hill is just next to the Bergkirchweih. I am surprised at myself for taking so long to finally visit this place. There are some interesting statues there. This place gives off a mysterious feel. Perhaps because of the statues or even perhaps my overactive imagination influenced by my love of reading mystery novels. One can easily feel like a part of a riveting mystery plot walking through the grounds. 

Burgbergpark Erlangen


Urban Sketching on Paper, 15x30 cm
Location: Schlossgarten Erlangen

This place is frequently mentioned in my posts and reels. Needless to say it is my favourite place to be and also to paint in Erlangen. I always marvel at the orange building to the side. It is called the Orangerie, not because of the building’s colour but because in the past, oranges were grown there. It is such a beautiful place especially when the flowers are in bloom and the water fountain is on. Little children love to play by the water fountain. I honestly have not met a single person who doesn’t like this place.

I even have a Collection dedicated to this place.


Urban Sketching on Paper, 15x30 cm
Location: Kunstmuseum Erlangen

The Kunstmuseum exhibits artworks from local regional artists. Being an artist myself, I have found myself wishfully dreaming of the day that my works would be amongst all these amazing works. The location of this place is central, somewhat in the vicinity of the mall. It is near a busy road with traffic from both people and cars. This particular viewpoint is of cars loading and unloading. I chose this viewpoint because normally this road is only for cyclists and pedestrians but at certain times of the day, cars are allowed too. I wanted to showcase a slightly different scene from Erlangen as the time when you can see cars on this road is limited hence this scene stood out to me. Being a foreigner, I thought I would always feel like an outsider but just having a mundane knowledge of the city I have come to call my home makes me feel more inclusive, like I am part of Erlangen, knowing its secrets and not so common information.

Stadtmusem Erlangen
Botanical Garten Erlangen

Heimweh feeling

Sketchbook Collection 

Location: Botanical Garden Erlangen

This place reminds me of my home country, Malaysia. The greenhouse is really hot, it is as if you’re no longer in Germany but in a tropical country. Malaysia is on average hot and humid with a monsoon season in some months of the year. The greenhouse here simulates the hotness and humidity in Malaysia perfectly. There is a crocodile statue welcoming visitors to the Botanical Garden. Daniel loves the outdoor fish pond there. He would put his hand in the water wanting to pet the fish as one does with dogs and cats. He also likes to climb the stone area. I enjoy walking along the pathway. It feels like it will always stay green despite the seasons.

Knowledge & Connection

Sketchbook Collection 

Location: Stadtmuseum Erlangen

Museums can be boring, at least for me but not this one. I like going to this museum. I met many people through events organised at the Stadtmuseum. The architecture of this building is beautiful whether its from the outside or on the inside. I carry my sketchbook wherever I go and sketch interesting things I see. This was a sketch from the courtyard at one of the many events held at the Stadtmuseum. It was before the pandemic hence there were many people at the event.

Stadtmuseum Erlangen
Historische Weihnachstmarkt

Light & Sound

Sketchbook Collection 

Location: Weihnachtsmarkt Erlangen

One of the most exciting things about Christmas in Germany is the Christmas markets. People look forward to going to the Christmas market all year long. Here you can see colourful and fanciful Christmas decorations and Christmas or winter season foods. The sights, sounds, smells and tastes make one feel like they are in a Christmas theme park of sorts. There are Christmas markets everywhere throughout Germany, every one of them is similar but at the same time different as they have their own regional flair to them. It was very cold when I painted this. I took off my gloves to paint this but it is worth it now that I am looking back at this painting forgetting about how cold my hands were and reminiscing only the happy memories of visiting the market. 

-The End-

Moments : Calendar 2022

A Collection of Artworks 13 of them as a table calendar,  artworks painted on location, urban sketching from the new and the past, from the Sketchbooks..they hold memories,capturing the moments.

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