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I am currently creating a collection of Artworks from now on in Jun till September. 

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About Me

Hallo! My name is Fizah, a Malaysian residing in Erlangen, Germany. I am an Artist, Urban Sketcher and Art Educator. I like making handbound sketchbooks to sketch and draw, accumulating many over the years. They are filled with my memories since I moved to Germany. 

I created my artworks on location capturing the atmosphere and the mood onto paper.

I've been sketching around the city to get to know my new home country. Somehow my stories through sketching have helped me a lot in my integration process Who knows how art can speak for me when I was still scrambling with words as I was learning the German langauge.




Orangerie Erlangen Kunst

The collection is growing and not finishing yet..

Sunflowers Image Sonnenblumen Erlangen Künstler Original Gemälde

Motherhood Collection

Ongoing till September 2023



End of Summer Collection


Floral Garten Collection

Urban Sketching in Erlangen

Exhibition Recently


Behind the Scenes

Watercolour Brushes

Watercolour Brushes

A Collection of my favourite tools

Cafe Sketching

Cafe Sketching

I spent too much time at the Cafe around the city

Sketching as a Mama

Sketching as a Mama

I became a Mama in 2020, no joke I was and am struggling to adjust to the new life as a mum.

Urban Sketching in Erlangen

Urban Sketching in Erlangen

I fall in love with the city, that I should call a new home.

i share my daily life here and my art process.

It is very informal on social media. That is why please send me email for professional work process.

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