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Welcome to my Studio


Calendar 2024

Kalender 2024 Zug durch Bayern 2024
Kalender 2024 Bayern

Life is about capturing Moments

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Fizah Künstlerin Erlangen Kunst

Welcome to my Studio!

I am Fizah, an artist, urban sketcher, and illustrator, and now calling Germany home.

I create art that's deeply rooted in my journey - a fusion memories & the  spirit of urban sketching

Since moving to Germany, I have been chronicling my experiences through sketches in my beloved sketchbooks.

Inspired by the architecture, the culture, and the people around me, I create artworks on location to capture the essence of the places I visit. My sketches are filled with my memories and emotions, reflecting the atmosphere and the mood of the moment it was created.

Join me exploring these visual narratives, each stroke weaving strories of cultural adaption, community building , and the simple joys of motherhood.

Beautify your home with artworks........

A Whole Original Artworks Collection

Stadtmusem Erlangen
Orangerie Erlangen Kunst

Original Artworks for your home.....

Erlangen Künstler Urban Sketching Urban Sketchers

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Kalender 2024 Zug durch Bayern 2024.jpeg

Zug durch Bayern

Collection of Calendar 2024

Erlangen Ansicht


The place where I learn to call home

Orangerie Erlangen Kunst

The collection is growing and not finishing yet..

Schlossgarten Erlangen


Collection of Calendar 2021



End of Summer Collection


Floral Garten Collection

Sunflowers Image Sonnenblumen Erlangen Künstler Original Gemälde

Floral Garten Collection

Urban Sketching in Erlangen

Exhibition Recently

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