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Erlangen Schlossgarten


Thank you for visiting my page and choosing my original artworks for your home. Over the years since I have started sketching my new home country, I have accumalated lots of artworks. Recently, as I have been cleaning the Studio, I found lots of past artworks & started to reminsicing the past. On my recovery, I had to learn to let go as part of my healing process. To let go doesn't mean to get rid of the negative but to give space for the new comings. These artworks gave me moments in my life & I don't want to keep these beauties in my dusty folders. I want to hang them, but I do not have enough walls. If I could I would hang all of them in my house. Now, why not I share them with the world, with you!

Admire them and love them at your home, it makes me content to share this with you.

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