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Sonnenblumen Sunflower field in Germany

Motherhood Collection

A collection of artworks titled 'Motherhood', which surrounds the topics of postpartum journey, the healing of postpartum trauma and recovery, and life transformation in motherhood. I invite you to read more about my stories on this and join me in celebrating the beauty of motherhood.

I am creating this collection from Jun 2023 till end of September 2023.

I am creating space in my home studio aka our home living room, painting between 2 children, making time to pour my heart out, to be generous, to share my gift, my expereicnes and my stories with you.


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Sunflowers Image Sonnenblumen Erlangen Künstler Original Gemälde

Motherhood: A journey of Healing and Transformation

Welcome to my world of art and motherhood, where I embark on a journey of healing and transformation. As an artist and mother, I invite you to explore the profound connection between art, motherhood, and personal stories. Living far from my home country of Malaysia in Germany, I faced the daunting challenge of navigating postpartum time. In this vulnerable period, art became my sanctuary—a way to express, heal, and share my experiences. It is with great joy that I now present to you my collection, "Motherhood: A Journey of Healing and Transformation."

Motherhood Collection

Choosing to Thrive

Out of my Mind

Out of My Mind

Out of my Mind

Welcome to 'Out of my Mind,' a powerful painting that encapsulates my personal journey of healing and empowerment. 


At the heart of this artwork is the portrayal of a woman, that is me, my face turned towards the sky, enveloped in a sea of vibrant flowers.

The sunflowers, known for their symbolism of positivity, strength, and growth, represent the transformative power of overcoming adversity.

Each brushstroke and collage element conveys a sense of boldness and resilience, reflecting the depth of emotions experienced throughout my healing journey.


The delicate pink roses adorning the thr eyes and hair serve as a poignant metaphor for the process of emerging from postpartum depression and the grip of traumatic experiences. The act of covering the eyes represents a transformative perspective, a new way of seeing the world filled with hope, beauty, and self-discovery. 

I remember as I was going for many walks while trying to put my first baby for naps, he was a hard baby to go to nap, he barely sleep,even at night, we always pass by the sunflower fields. They made me feel calm and happy, it cheers me up, because I needed that. Despite being happy with the child, I was feeling alone, dark, worthless and confused. 

Sitting on the couch in our living room, looking outside our window, I could see the roses plant at the side of the house, the flowers emerging as the weather gets warmer. I got to see them progressing as I get to see my newborn grows. I was glued to the sofa during after the second birth of my child. My postpartum recovery took longer than usual for my second child, as my c-section birth came with multiple complications.

I started this painting on a piece of canvas that I have used to pour my heart out, painted with lines and so many brush strokes.

I have given it a new life, giving it a transformation. The way how my heart fills now. I want vibrancy in my life.


As you observe the artwork, you'll notice the harmonious blending of colors and the dynamic composition that captivates the eye.

The expressive strokes and rough textures in the collages evoke a sense of raw emotion and the authenticity of the healing process itself. Through this painting, I invite you to witness the transformative power of art and the resilience of the human spirit.


'Out of my Mind' serves as a visual testament to the power of self-expression and the journey of healing. It is a reflection of my own experiences with postpartum depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, an exploration of the emotions, challenges, and growth that accompany these conditions.


By sharing this painting with you, I hope to foster a sense of connection and understanding, to create a space where others who have walked similar paths can find solace and inspiration. Together, let us embrace the healing power of art and celebrate the resilience of the human spirit.


This painting is part of the 'Soulful Women' exhibition, an opportunity for me to contribute to a collective celebration of strength, beauty, and inner wisdom. It is an honor to share this artwork with you and to be part of an artistic community that uplifts and inspires.


Discover the depth and meaning behind 'Out of my Mind' and join me in celebrating the power of healing and transformation.

Sunflowers Image Sonnenblumen Erlangen Künstler Original Gemälde

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