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Für Kinder

I have a Toddler, who paints with me in the Studio. I have been talking about him so much. He is part of my inspiration for my artworks. The reason why I suffered and survived. I do Love him. He grew up watching me paint and I have painted a lot for him. So now I am collecting his play time artworks here.

Oh no catch here. You do not need to give your email address to get the PDF file.

But I do invite you to join the Newsletter to know the update in my Studio and if you have been loving my work .

It is not quite the same as what I posted on IG.

I'll be sharing PDF file of the artworks sketch I made for Daniel to paint here. Please feel free to download them and let your kids colour them. I have no idea yet where this project is going. Just enjoy yourself now. I'll inform on IG when I have something new.

Tips: (psst..all kids are different) show them once for 5 minutes to do and slowly let them do on their own. Voila..10 minutes concentration and now you can drink your coffee in peace.

Colouring Page

'Auto, auto, auto'

Colouring Page
Christmas Card.png

Christmas Card

Künstler Erlangen

For they have always said 'Enjoy the moments' as they grow so fast.


But Mama it is okay to let them have 10  minutes painting alone time so you could have a time off time for yourself.

It is okay.

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