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Do you want to try watercolour or daily sketching or urban sketching?


Product: Urban Explorer's Handcrafted Sketchbook


Embark on your creative adventure with  Handcrafted Sketchbook.

More than just a canvas, it's a companion meticulously crafted for artists who seek authenticity and a touch of the extraordinary.


What set this sketchbook apart? The cover.

It wears the picturesque Erlangen Schlossgarten on its cover, making it not just a blank canvas but a piece of art itself.


Crafted for Creatives:

- Unique Torn Edges:  Each page boasts artisanal charm, with hand-torn edges that add character and individuality to your sketches.

- Studio-Made Excellence: Unlike factory-produced counterparts, our sketchbooks are born in the intimate setting of our studio, a testament to craftsmanship and dedication.

- Watercolor-Ready: The watercolor paper within invites exploration, providing the perfect surface for your artistic musings.


Unleash your creativity onto the pages of a sketchbook that doesn't just document your art but becomes a cherished part of your artistic journey.



Handcrafted Watercolour Sketchbook