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FIZAH | Manjachen

Hafizah Hairi-Ungar



Bavaria, Germany

About Me

Hello and welcome! I'm Fizah, an artist on an enchanting adventure of self-discovery through my art. Born in Malaysia, I've transplanted my artistic spirit to the Germany. My canvas is a tapestry woven with threads of memories, encounters, and the vibrant energy of urban sketching.


My artistic journey, like a carefully curated sketchbook, began in childhood. Art competitions fueled my passion, but academia temporarily veered me away. Armed with a Bachelors in Biochemistry and a Masters in Tourism Development, I embarked on a unique expedition—one that would merge my love for art with the intricacies of cultural exploration.


Life led me to Germany, accompanying my husband on a journey of shared dreams. The initial days, fraught with the challenges of acclimatization, language, and building connections, stirred a dormant passion. Sketching became my solace, a bridge between the familiar and the unknown.


This transformative experience led to the founding of Urban Sketchers Erlangen, a community where art transcends boundaries, connecting diverse souls through shared creativity. Art, for me, became a pivotal force in navigating the intricate maze of cultural integration and the language barrier.


Beyond the realms of motherhood, art has become my second endeavor. I capture moments—be it the architecture, the people, or the pulse of events—on paper, letting each stroke etch tales of my journey. The marriage of ink, paint, and paper freezes these moments in time, allowing them to transcend fleeting memories.


In crafting hand-bound sketchbooks, I don't just create; I preserve fragments of my life. These volumes, rich with stories, are time capsules waiting to be shared. It brings me immense joy to imagine recounting these tales to both my sons , sharing the laughter, struggles, and triumphs bound within the pages.


My aspiration is to extend this joy, helping others encapsulate their precious memories through my artistic endeavors. Each stroke carries a narrative, and I invite you to explore the chapters of my journey.


Would you like to work with me? Email me at

CV | Education Qualification

2017  - 2019

2015  - 2016

 2011 -  2014

Master of Science in Tourism Development

University Science Malaysia

Learning German Language Intensively in Erlangen

Passed TELC B2 Prüfung

Attended C1 Niveue German Language Classs 

BSc. Biochemistry with Medical Biochemistry

Bristol, United Kingdom

Künstler Erlangen
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