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Starting your own Sketching Kit

Disclaimer: Not sponsored by any brands or companies of suggested products. Reviews are of my own opinions.

There are numerous art products on the market. It can be overwhelming. I know! I am the proof as I collected lots of art supplies trying different products until I am comfortable with them.

Of course to start creating art, one can just use a normal pen and a book or A4 paper laying around in the house. But I am all about the quality. I want one day when I am old to be able to look back at my artworks. I am talking about when I am an old grandma wanting to reminisce about my youth time. So why not put a bit of effort and money into the quality of my art supplies.

I have shared this before on my IG. As mentioned, I can get all these from my local art supply store in Erlangen called HAAS.

I am residing in Germany so many of my products are made in Germany. Somehow I am blessed with the fate of living in this country. what a life pathway.

Black line: Sketch Ink Rohrer &Klinger

I am a true fan of Sketch Ink from Rohrer & Klinger. This last long as you get a whole bottle to use it.

Pen: Lamy Safari

I am using an M nib as I love the thick lines for my sketching. Don't forget to get the converter that fits with it in order to use the pen.

Brush: Pentel water brush

When I first started sketching, I was always outdoor and need something easy for me to carry. I was not keen to carry a water container. It is still my favourite on the go.

Pencil: Black Wing

I have fallen in love with this pencil because it is just smooth running on the paper.

Eraser: Kneadable eraser from Faber Castell

I love this as it is mess-free. when you want to lift up the carbon but still want the line to be seen, this is the best eraser. do you know that it is made in Malaysia? It is in my home country.

Sketchbook: Hahnemuehle aquarellpapier

Look we all know how many papers is on the market. I have tried many of them and I could write a long post about it. But as a starter, this sketchbook is the best to try out if you are starting.

Paper wise is always depending on the style of your painting and your techniques. It is a personal preference.

Watercolour: Schmincke watercolour set

Why this? The best quality you could find.

Write to me in the comment if you want to know more details about sketching materials.


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