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Urban Sketch erlangen
Urban Sketch
Urban Sketches in Erlangen

As I wanted to get to know the city that I would call 'Home', I started sketching the places. Everywhere I go, meeting friends for Coffee at Cafe or Exhibitions or visiting the library, I will always have my sketchbooks with me.

Travel Sketches

I record my travel not just with photographs but with sketching inside my sketchbooks. One day I could look up into my sketchbooks and remember the great memories.


A Collection of my potrait painting

Acrylic Paintings
My Erlangen

'Mein Erlangen'

Acrylic on Canvas

Part of 'The Big Picture Exhibition' by IWG Franconia




Bunga-Bunga Malaysia

100 X 100 cm in 3 panels.

A collection of my homeland flowers.



Seasonal Flowers